My top 10 Travel Goals for 2017

2017 is going to be a killer year! As I am heading to Southern Africa this February and to South-America this summer, I will probably get to cross quite a few of my list. Let’s see how many of these travel goals I accomplish this year.

Swimming with Seals

This is something that has been on my list since 2013. I booked this activity when I was in Cape Town 4 years ago. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t good and it was canceled. So this has been a long time coming. This is going to be the first thing I do in Cape Town when I arrive.

Microlight over Victoria Falls

Visiting Victoria Falls should already be on your bucket list anyway. Micro-lighting over the falls is just the cherry on top.

microlight victoria falls bucket list

Learn how to slackline

I bought a slack line this summer, but I haven’t practiced much yet to be honest. In September I managed to set it up a couple of times. Now that the weather has gotten colder I keep putting it off. It is also a lot harder then I expected. It’s going to take a lot more hours of practice if I want to accomplish my next goal.

Join the highline meeting in Monte Piana

The previous goal is related to this one. I wanted to be able to slack line/highline once I saw a picture of people high lining in the Italian Alps. I believe this meet up is always takes place in September, so I better get on it.

highline monte piana
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See wildlife I haven’t seen before

I’ve been on safari several times, but there are still animals I haven’t seen. Going on safari is one of my favorite things in the world! I’ve seen the big five and tracked wild dogs in South-Africa. Wildlife found on other continents are still foreign to me, but also in Africa there is a lot more to see.

lions in Kenya

See Madagascar

If I get to Madagascar this year, it might be my opportunity to see wildlife I’ve never seen before. It has a lot of animal species that are endemic to the island. 92% of the mammals there are not found anywhere else. Unfortunately a lot of them are also endangered.

Sand-boarding in Namibia

Not sure how much of a success this will be. I have always been an skier and not a snowboarder, so I’m hoping for a miracle here. Definitely giving it a try though when I visit the beautiful sand dunes of Namibia.

Learn Spanish

I’m planning on visiting South-America this summer. I just downloaded duolingo on my phone and I’m 1% fluent now. So I’m good to go right?

Improve my photography skills

I’ve recently upgraded to a DSLR and my camera is my baby. I have no problem carrying my backpack with camera gear everywhere with me. It’s probably a pain in the ass to travel with me, because I’m always looking for that perfect shot. If I ask you to take a photo of me, you might have to redo it 5 times.

See the Northern lights

There are so many plans on the horizon that I don’t know if I can fit this one in. I’m am surely going to try though! A trip to Iceland sounds pretty good to me, but Norway is also an option.

Anything of my list that you would want to try? I’d also really like to know your travel goals for 2017. Let me know in the comments!