Travel Budget: 1 week in Greece

One of the reasons why I love Greece is because it’s beautiful and really cheap! Or at least it can be depending on the places you visit. For this short trip we decided to visit Meteora and Athens. These places are great if you’re traveling on a budget. Meteora is an incredible phenomenon and one of the most impressive places I’ve ever seen. It’s a mystery as to why it is not as well known as the greek islands. Here is the complete break down of everything we spent during our trip.


  • Return Flight from Amsterdam to Athens €200 (this could have been cheaper, but we were late with booking)
landscape meteora
The incredible landscape of Meteora!

Accommodation- €178

  • Hotel Tsikeli in Kastraki. We loved this hotel! I has a nice terrace where you can have your breakfast. The staff is really helpful and friendly. They booked everything for us and gave us advice for restaurants and hikes. Best of all, It wasn’t too expensive. 4 nights for €220. Shared with a friend so I paid half.
  • Best Western my Athens. We mostly booked this, because it seemed like a good budget options near the centre. It was fine, but nothing special. The room we got had a weird smell, but we had no problem switching to another room. 3 nights for €136. Shared with a friend so I paid half.


We went out to dinner every night and I’m guessing we spend only around €20 a day on food and drinks. You can make it as cheap or expensive as you like. We did big lunches and lots of wine and dessert.

Activities- €40

  • Sunset tour Meteora- You can visit the monasteries yourself and drive up there, but you’ll see a lot more if you do the tour. It also saves you time looking for that perfect sunset spot as the guides know exactly where to go. €20
  • Tour of the monasteries-So you can visit the monasteries on you own, but we liked having someone drive us and explaining everything. We booked with Meteora Thrones and our guide Dimitri was funny, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. You could see he was really passionate about the area. €20
  • Hiking in Meteora. The companies offer tours, but I would advice doing it yourself.- free
  • Visit the Acropolis, Temples and Museums. I have an international Museum Card so this was free.

Transport- €78

  • Return ticket for the Bus from Athens to Meteora. I’ve heard the train is the easier option, but they sell out quickly. We were too late unfortunately. Busses leave every hour from the Liosion Bus station in Athens. The strange thing his that it’s not easy getting to that station, so we decided on just taking an uber there. From there on out is was really easy. – €48
  • A couple of taxi/uber rides- Approximately €4 per ride, around €30 total.

Total Cost- €636