Things to do in Siargao: a 1 week itinerary

Siargao is a lush green island full of palmtrees and perfect surf spots. The island is becoming more and more popular among backpackers and is developing quickly. For now, it still feels very authentic and because of it’s remote location, not overly touristy. You can find super fresh Ceviche (or Kinilaw as they call the Filipino version), crystal clear lagoons, some of the worlds best surf spots and most importantly that laid back island vibe we all love.

Now, let me tell you all about the best things to do in Siargao!

Take surf lessons

Siargao is a surf destination! If you’re visiting, but not surfing, you’re missing out. They have surf spots for all levels and especially if you can practice a few days in a row you’ll see how quickly you progress. The local guys know exactly where to go! I’d taken a lesson about 8 years ago, so my experience was second to none. We started lessons at secret beach which had nice easy small waves and I was able to catch them straight away. After a few days my instructor took me to cemetery, which is a more intermediate spot. I wouldn’t recommend going out here by yourself as a beginner, but with an instructor it’s a good safe way to start trying some bigger waves.

Cloud 9

This is the famous surf spot that many surfers come to the island for. If you’re not a pro, you can grab a smoothie bowl at Shaka and then walk to the pier to just watch the surfers at cloud 9. You can find many surf instructors around here as well, if you are looking for lessons. However, I would recommend a different spot if you’re a beginner.

Coconut viewing Deck

You’ll likely stay in general Luna. From there you can follow the road North and you’ll reach this beautiful viewpoint. There are palm trees as far as you can see. There are no signs, but you won’t be able to miss it.

Skip the Rope Swing at Maasin Secret River

I usually won’t mention spots that are not supposed to be on the list, but this particular spot was made famous by instagram and many travel blogs. Unfortunately the palm tree with the rope swing got destroyed in the typhoon and its being held up by a wooden structure. The water looks murky and it has turned into a disappointing tourist trap. You’ll see it if you ride your motorbike north on the island, but it’s not really worth a stop anymore.

Drive the Coconut road

Not long after the Coconut tree viewing deck the scenic road will you to a part that coconut trees on both sides. Continue on this road for an epic roadtrip with pristine white beaches and scenery that keeps surprising you at every turn.

Magpupungko Rock pools

You need to visit to the Magpupungko Rock pools at the right time to see these clear blue pools. They are only visible like this at low tide. At first sight I wasn’t sure if it was worth the long drive, but as we got closer I was impressed by the pools. It was a lot of fun swimming and exploring this little area.

Alegria Beach

If you are looking for a more quiet beach, take the scenic route all the way up north. At the top you’ll find the pristine white Algeria Beach. From General Luna its a 1,5 hour drive. It will give you the postcard views and it’s a lot more secluded since it’s relatively far from the main tourist area.

Island Hopping

Just like on Palawan, you can book island hopping tours from Siargao. I personally didn’t do this tour, because I had already done similar trips elsewhere in the Philippines. Siargao is surrounded by several beautiful secluded islands with the most perfect beaches. During the island tour you’ll usually visit Naked island, Daku island and Guyem island.

Restaurants in Siargao:

Siargao had a few of my favorite restaurants in the Philippines.

  • CEV: Ceviche & Kinilaw Shack: My absolute favorite place in Siargao! The General Luna Ceviche you can wake me up for!
  • Vedya Siargao: Great brunch place with lovely veggie options
  • Cosmic Siargo: a vegan restaurant: I’m always happy to find good vegan food and this place had so many tasty options!
  • Derecho: Amazing buffet with many veggie options for a good price!
  • Shaka: Has several locations in the Philippines and is famous for it’s smoothie bowls.

Where to stay?

Alpas Hostel: I loved staying at Alpas! The owner and staff were incredibly friendly and helpful and made all of us feel so welcome. There’s both the option to stay in a dorm and private.

Mao Mao Surf: If you’re a couple that enjoys a nice cabin on the beach, this might be the spot for you!