20 photos that will make you want to travel Central America

There are an endless amount of reasons to pick Central America as your next destination. I could talk about it for hours, but who wants to listen to that?;) Besides, pictures can speak more than a thousand words.

  1. Who else would like to chill on a palm tree for a day?

    The Corn Islands in Nicaragua have some of the best beaches I’ve ever seen. It’s the perfect destination for a week of relaxation. You can hike around little corn island in about 4 hours, so besides snorkeling there isn’t much to do, but chill.
    beach little corn island Nicaragua

  2. There are super cool hanging bridges from where you can observe monkeys and birds in the rainforest!

    If you love nature, you’ll love Monteverde in Costa Rica. You can hike in the rainforest, there are tons and tons of hanging bridges and lots of wildlife. Also a good destination for bird nerds like me;)
    hanging bridge Monteverde Costa Rica

  3. It is colorful!

    Not only the people, houses and closing are colorful. You can find colorful butterflies all over the place! This picture is from the Monteverde butterfly garden, Costa Rica where they have over 40 species.

    butterfly garden Monteverde Costa Rica

  4. There are lots of beautiful cathedrals

    Although we saw a lot of beautiful cathedrals, the white cathedral in Leon, Nicaragua is my favorite.
    Cathedral Leon Nicaragua

  5. It’s colorful walls are instagrammers paradise;)

    I wish the towns in the Netherlands where this colorful. The painted houses make me instantly happy. This particular one is found in Flores, Guatemala. If you love street art, you’ll also love Costa Rica and Nicaragua, because they have beautiful murals in every city.

    flores peten Guatemala

  6. You can learn about ancient Maya culture

    Tikal is one of the most magical places you’ll ever visit. Even though it’s a popular tourist attraction, we barely saw any people while we were there. I didn’t even have to photoshop anyone out of this photo!

    Tikal Guatemala

  7. See sunsets like this!

    Without exception, every sunset I’ve seen in Las Peñitas, Nicaragua has been super epic. 

  8. Or like this!

    This was the actual color of the sky. This picture looks super edited, but the crazy thing is, I barely changed anything. punta jesus maria

  9. You can swim in a crater lake!

    Laguna de Apoyo is a great place to spend your day. Kayak around the crater or just enjoy a swim. At Paradiso Hostel you can use the Kayaks for free.

    laguna de apoyo Nicaragua

  10. See incredible wildlife!

    Monkeys, sloths, frogs, panthers, kinkajous!

  11. The smaller creatures are worth some attention too.

    This photogenic frog can be found in Costa Rica. We were lucky enough to see it on our second day, but it can be a bit of a search.
    red eyed tree frog Costa Rica

  12. Antigua in Guatemala is full of stunning buildings and ruins to visit

    Every corner on every street you’ll find a ruin to visit. Antigua was my favorite city in Guatemala.

  13. Walk underneath the Arco Santa Catalina while looking up at a volcano

    When you do visit Antigua, don’t forget to visit this famous arc in the city center.

    arco de catalina Antigua Guatemala

  14. Explore one of the most underrated cities, San Jose in Costa Rica.

    We ended up loving San Jose, even though a lot of people told us to just skip it. There is plenty to do and it has a great nightlife scene. San Jose Costa Rica

  15. Visit some of the most stunning beaches!

    The great thing about Central America is that you can visit beaches on both the pacific and the Caribbean side! If you have the chance try to experience both.

  16. Swim in the clearest pools you’ll ever see

    I’ve never seen colors like in the Ojo de aqua on Ometepe, Nicaragua.

    ojo de agua Ometepe

  17. Enjoy the view at Lake Atitlan

    Lake Atitlan is often named as one of the most beautiful lakes on earth.

  18. Can you ever get enough of those sunsets?

    While we were staying in Flores (Guatemala) we would head over the west side of the island to enjoy the sunset. At this moment they also open the food market, so you can enjoy your dinner with this as a backdrop. 

  19. You can find some pretty impressive churches in Nicaragua

    I lost count of how many churches we saw and visited, but this was one of my favorites. This is the La Merced church in Granada, Nicaragua.

  20. And the best part is all the that you’ll meet so many amazing people!

    Last but not least, the people are so warm and friendly, it makes you feel welcome and at home.