Cool lunch spots in Amsterdam

There is an endless amount of cool lunch spots in Amsterdam and it seems like new places are popping up every day. It’s my personal mission to try every single one of them so I can recommend the best spots to you guys! Oh the sacrifices I make;) Here’s a list of some of my favorite lunch spots in Amsterdam. Whenever I come across a new worthy lunch spot I’ll add it to the list.

Coffee & Coconuts

I recently tried Coffee & Coconuts for the first time and was not disappointed. I do recommend ordering from the breakfast menu which is possible until 1 pm. Breakfast food is just so much better than a sandwich. We went for the full CT breakfast, because we wanted to try both the avocado toast with scrambled eggs and the pancakes. If you go here I would advice getting the avocado toast with scrambled eggs.

lunch spot in Amsterdam coffee and coconuts


Besides the fact that the spot is beautiful, the food is absolutely amazing. I love love love the Zucchini & chickpea fritter and the hot smoked salmon royale. Just thinking about it makes we want to go there again. I would advice making a reservation, because it is usually quite busy. This is the ideal place for a long lazy brunch.

Corner Bakery

I wasn’t really planning on having breakfast with a huge smoothie and donut when I went here, but what can you do… If there is a smoothie this good-looking you have to give a try right? Besides these sugar monsters called the freak shake they also serve regular food, which looked good as well!

Corner bakery freak shake

Labeled with trust

This is a great little place in the Albert Cuyp street. So when you’re strolling around the market and want a coffee or some food, find this little café. You pay what you think the food is worth so it is really build on trust. I had the brownie here and it was delicious .


This cute little place can be found in the heart of Amsterdam. It is located in picturesque neighborhood the ‘negen straatjes’  or ‘nine streets’. This area is famous for it’s cute boutiques, vintage stores and cosy cafés. Pop in for lunch or just for some cake and coffee.

pluk amsterdam pluk amsterdam

The Hoxton- Lotti’s

Lotti’s is the restaurant that belongs to hotel the Hoxton. Although I do find this place a little bit pricy, I did enjoy my lunch here. The loft style interior is right up my alley. Lotti’s actually has a lot of seating space, but the setting feels pretty intimate.

Bar Moustache

If you like Italian food this is the place for you. I’ve been going to Bar Moustache for some years now and it’s never disappointed me. I usually go here for dinner, but I’ve stopped by here a couple of times for lunch too. It’s located in the Utrechtsestraat which has lots of cute shops, so it’s the perfect shopping break.

Avocado show

The name says it all. This place serves only dishes with avocado. As an avocado lover myself I couldn’t leave it on the list. I visited this place ones and the food was great, but there is a reason I haven’t gone back yet. The downside of the avocado show is that it’s a bit overhyped and usually the wait is super long. They told us we would have to wait about 15/20 minutes and we ended up waiting for an hour.

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