8 best things to do in Vang Vieng

Some people will say Vang Vieng is reformed and no longer a party town, but if you are looking for a party, you will find one. However, there is a lot more to this town and its absolutely worth a trip even if you’re looking for something else. Vang Vieng is a riverside town that also has a serene and peaceful side, as its surrounded by beautiful mountains, rice fields, lagoons and picturesque country side. The most famous activity is probably the tipsy tubing, but that’s exactly what I ended up skipping. Here’s a list my of my favorite things to do in Vang Vieng.

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What to do in Vang Vieng

Visit the Blue Lagoons

In my opinion Lagoon 4 is the best. It’s beautiful, a lot more quiet then the other lagoons and you’ve got sun until 3. I would advice you to bring food, because there is no restaurant or bar here.

Lagoon 1 is pretty, but it had busloads of people when we were there. There is however more places to sit and get a drink. It  might still be worth a visit, because there is also cave to visit next to it.

Lagoon 3 is also very fun, but unfortunately it only had sun until 12, when we were there. The road to get to this lagoon is extremely dusty. All I can say is do not wear white, because your clothes will not come back the same color.

To do in Vang Vieng: Lagoon

Explore Tham Phu Cam Cave next to lagoon 1.

After a little climb you’ll reach the entrance. There’s a big space with an altar and if you continue you’ll find an even bigger chamber. Bring a torch or headlamp, because its very dark inside! At the entrance they are also renting them out, but they really don’t shine that far.

Hike up the Nam Xay Viewpoint

The Nam Say Viewpoint is know for the two motorcycles you can find at the top. Just be prepared to wait in line to take a photo as it gets pretty busy. The sunset here is incredible though and it’s worth the climb up as you’ll be surrounded by beautiful mountain views.

Getting there: The viewpoint is only about a  20 minutes drive from Vang Vieng. Once you have parked the bike, it is around 30-minutes of hiking to the top. There are some steep bits, but since it’s only a short hike its very manageable.

Opening times 6AM-5PM/

Entrance fee: 20,000 KIP

Rent a scooter and explore (head towards Pha Thang)

One of the most fun things to do is explore the beautiful surroundings of Vang Vieng. You can find forest, waterfalls and rice fields among other incredible views. Me and my friend were trying to find a bamboo bridge in Ban Pha Tang, but we discovered it was no longer there. It’s still a stunning view though and we had some funny encounters with locals who probably thought we were crazy trying to find this no longer existent bridge.

Book a balloon ride

Even though it’s not a cheap activity, it is one of the cheapest places in the world to go on a balloon ride. So if you have the opportunity, I’d say go for it! We decided on the spot to book the balloon ride, so unfortunately the sunrise option was already completely booked. You’ll likely get the pretties light at sunrise, so make sure to book in advance if this is something you’d like to experience.

Have lunch or dinner at Viengtara resort and see the rice fields

Viengtara resort is only open to guests, so if you’d like to have a look at the rice fields you’ll have to visit the restaurant. From the terrace you’ll get a great view, so around sunset would be the perfect time to visit. If you’re not on a very strict budget you may even consider staying here one night. The prices for a bungalow are very reasonable and you’ll wake up to this view!

See the sunset at the Sunset bar

Look for ‘The egg sunset bar‘ on google maps and you’ll find this place. We happened to see people having a drink, when we were coming back from one of the lagoons and decided to stay for a sundowner ourselves.

Where to stay in Vang Vieng

Backpacker style:

Vang Vieng Chill house : Friendly hostel, with a pool and good location.


Viengtara Vang Vieng Resort: That Picture shown right underneath here was taken at the Viengtara resort. It has luxury bungalows and a view of the mountains and rice fields. They also have an onsite restaurant.

BearlinBungalow:Luxury bungalows 15 minutes walking distance from the hustle and bustle of town. Or if you don’t want to walk. you can take a tuktuk down. The bungalows are surrounded by a beautiful garden.