12 Instagram accounts I love (and I think you will too)

Me taking photosInstagram has been my favorite social media for a while now. I probably spend too much time on there, but there are just so many interesting people and photos on there! I get a lot of inspiration for my own photography there. Before I visit a place I check Instagram to find cool photo spots! I have once even booked a place, because I saw one really cool photo.

These are some of my favorite Instagram accounts:

instagram benbrown

MrBenBrown: This guy is my favorite youtuber! He posts almost daily on youtube and somehow he manages to keep it interesting. His video’s are funny and personal. Now I don’t always have time to check his vlogs, but I always check his Instagram stories and photos. Ben and his friends are always going on the best adventures around the world.

instagram jeremyloops

Jeremyloops: I had been listening to this guys music for a while, when I discovered him in a vlog by Ben Brown. Turns out they hang out together quiet often. Just like Ben, Jeremy is an amazing photographer and his Instagram is just as awesome as his music.

instagram dantom

Dantom: This might be my all-time favorite Instagram account. His feed looks really clean and his photographs have a very recognizable style. I love the sunsets pics he snaps at home, but I fell in love with his travel photos.

instagram helloemilie

HelloemilieThere are so many travel instagrammers out there, that it’s hard to stand out. Well, Emilie certainly does. I love the soft tones she uses. When you see her feed you enter a dream world where everything is perfect. That’s not always what travel is, but who doesn’t like to dream?

instagram kylefinndempsey

kylefinndempsey: When its cold out this account describes where I want to be. A cozy little cabin in the middle of nowhere filled with lights and warmth.

instagram albert dros

albertdrosphotography: One of the Netherlands best nature photographers. Living proof that the Dutch landscape is not always boring. Besides taking pictures in the Netherlands he travels a lot as well!

Instagram een_wasbeer

een_wasbeer: I had to include an account featuring my beautiful city: Amsterdam . This girl knows how to capture the magic of Amsterdam. Follow her to see the beauty that I get to cycle through everyday.

instagram thisisyugen

thisisyugen: This account belongs to an Australian travel blogger who’s relatively new to the game, but I love her photo’s and her blog. I decided she deserves a place in this list as well:)

instagram gavman18gavman18As a lover of South-Africa, I had to thrown another South-African instagrammer in the mix. Gavin shares breathtaking sunset shots of my favorite country.

instagram jermzlee

jermzlee: I love any account with a pug, but the original photos put this account over the top. +this dog has the absolute best expressions.

instagram kpunkka

kpunkka: Finlands coolest instagrammer. So I usually hate the cold, but this guy makes me want to visit Finland. He get’s closer to wildlife than anyone and I know and that makes for some special shots.

instagram Liamburr_wildlife

Liamburr_wildlifeThis is one of my favorites, mostly because it is still my dream to one day become a field guide. Liam shows daily life as a field guide in South Africa. Spending everyday in the bush with these animals seems like a dream.

It would be a little weird to put my own Instagram in a list of accounts I love, but I am going to mention it here anyway. If you like the accounts I mentioned above, I hope like mine too. I would love to connect with you guys on Instagram:) 


instagram brunetteatsunset

I would love to hear about your favorite instagrammers too! Let me know in the comments what your favorite accounts are.