5 x must do: Kenya and Tanzania

Here are some of my favorite things we did in Kenya and Tanzania! Me and a friend traveled around for 5 weeks. I’m sure there are still great things that we missed, but these are the things that should be on your list according to us.

5 x must do: Kenya and Tanzania:

Visit Amboseli

You should definitely go on Safari in Masai Mara, but if you have the time head over to Amboseli too. Waking up with a view of the Kilimanjaro is indescribable. The area is most famous for the Kilimanjaro and the many elephants. We were lucky enough to be surrounded by a herd of 40 elephants at one point! We did a 6 day safari, 2 days in Masaai Mara, 2 days in Nakuru and 2 days in Amboseli. I consider us to be very lucky to experience all the different sceneries and I was very happy with our choice!

Amboseli Elephants

Lake Naivasha

This is just a great area to spend a few days. I would recommend staying at Fishermans camp (make sure you book bottom camp). You have a view of the lake and there are a lot of activities and excursions you can do from there. We did a boat safari and a hike up mt. Longonot.

sunset Lake NaivashaLake Naivashalake naivasha hippo

Hell’s Gate National Park

This place exceeded our expectations. You can rent a bike by the gate or at the camp where you’re staying. It’s the only park in Kenya that you can cycle through. While we cycled and saw zebra’s and buffalo around us, we felt like we were in the Lion King. You can cycle all the way to the gorge where tomb raider was recorded. The hike of the gorge is worth doing too. It is pretty easy to do yourself, but they require you to take a guide the first time.

hells gate

Visit one of the local tribes

If this is something you would like to to, make sure it is ethical. Many tourist tours are far from responsible. We were lucky enough to meet a guy who grew up in a tribe. When you go, make sure you go with a local that speaks the language. To find out more about ethical travel read my post here.

Datoga tribe

Dinner at the rock

If you weren’t planning on going to Zanzibar yet, just this restaurant is a great reason to go. When it’s hight tide  you have to take a little boat there. Have a wonderful seafood dinner, while you watch the sunset over the ocean! Making a reservation is recommended.

the rock Zanzibar

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